Let's Face It: Men Love AVEDA, too!

Believe it or not, even the manliest of men are beginning to pay attention to their hairstyles, their facial hairstyles, and the products they are using. Potions, cremes, and sprays aren't just a part of a woman's world now; men are finally seeing what all of the buzz is about- and giving them a try. 

Men's skin, in general, is very different from women's skin, for more reasons than one. Men are more likely to experience facial redness and irritation, largely due to shaving and hormonal differences, and also more prone to experience sensitivity, itchiness, and other unpleasant skin and scalp conditions on a daily basis. 

The good news is: AVEDA Men's Pure-Formance line is here to save face...and body! 

For the man that needs something versatile: The Men's Composition Oil is a popular choice. This product has many uses and can be used as a pre shave oil to enhance his shaving routine, a beard oil or mustache oil to add softness and shine,  or 3-5 drops may be applied directly on the scalp, prior to shampooing, to add additional moisture to the scalp. Featuring a masculine aroma blend of citrus and certified organic lavender, spearmint, and vetiver. 


Various gift sets and spa packages available for Dad at Lemongrass Salon and Spa this year, gift packaging is available as well. Treat Dad to AVEDA this Father's Day, he'll love it!