Frizzy hair everywhere? Don't sweat it, let the force be with you - Control Force, of course! 


Featuring an aroma of lavender, bergamot, and Bulgarian rose, and named " Best Hair Spray" by Allure Magazine, Control Force by AVEDA is a fine aerosol mist hairspray that does much more than any traditional hairspray. 

The ingredients that hold everything together are naturally derived botanicals, like flaxseed, marshmallow root, and aloe to create a maximum, but brushable, hold and defy humidity of 24 hours, without being sticky, crunchy, or flaky.  UV filters and anti-oxidants, naturally derived from rice bran, protect against damaging sun rays and environmental factors, while wheat proteins strengthen the hair. Great for all hair types, Control Force is a versatile hairspray and works well with casual curls, formal undos, or to lay down pesky fly-a-way hairs. 

"If I were only allowed to use one product for styling for the rest of my life," says Lemongrass Level 2 Master Stylist and founding Artistic Team member, Brittany Tedder, " I would choose Control Force. It gives me the ability to create a range of styles from soft to structured and I am confident the style will hold for as long as I need it to."

When using Control Force, Lemongrass professionals suggest holding the can 10-12 inches from dry hair and mist lightly. Layer the product for extra hold.

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It is not just the inside that makes this Control Force so unique, it is also the outside packaging. While aerosol cans and sprays can be damaging to the environment, Control Force is  made of recycled aluminum, making it the least damaging aerosol on the market.

Defy humidity this summer and set your style with Control Force, it won't let you down.