In a rush? Just puff, brush, and go!


What's new? AVEDA's DRY SHAMPOO! 

We have waited and waited for this product to come out, but let me assure you, it was more than worth the wait. This dry shampoo is different in more ways than one- the design, the product, the aroma, ah! It is everything you could dream of in a dry shampoo, and more. 

the ins

A 98% naturally derived concoction of cassava and oat works to absorb excess oil and impurities, lifting them from away from the hair, to save time and water in between hair washes. It is infused with the Shampure aroma, a unique aroma blend featuring 25 pure flower and plant essences, such as bergamot, lavender, and lemon, to name a few. The light Shampure aroma instantly revives and refreshes hair, erasing any trace of yesterday's wear. This dry shampoo is versatile and can be used on any hair color or hair type, even though it is a light colored powder. This product absorbs oil rather than coating the hair, to prevent leaving dark hair looking ashy or powdery, despite its light appearance, which can be a concern for men and women with dark hair. 

Sidenote: I personally have darker brown hair and believe me, I have tried every dry shampoo out there. Some I have loved, others not so much, but this one did not leave my new growth area with any ashy appearance. This is the most common question I have been asked about this product, but I can assure you that with the right application and product usage, you'll be refreshed without the powder residue.

the outs

You can truly see the difference in the packaging of this dry shampoo, as it is a non aerosol powder. Instead of coating your hair with product, these powders work to absorb excess oil  and impurities throughout your hair and scalp. The outside packaging is not a traditional aerosol can, but instead a bottle made with recycled bioplastic and a twist style nozzle. This nozzle is ideal, as it gives YOU total control of the product application. Since it is aerosol free, this dry shampoo is using a propellent-free formula that doesn't contribute to indoor air pollution- clean air and clean hair is a major win/win. Being a recycled bioplastic bottle, this bottle will fit in any purse, computer bag, or carry on bag with ease, without the worry of an aerosol can being under pressure. The bottle is also very travel friendly, as it is a two-ounce, non-liquid product, so it is permitted in carry-on luggage, and each bottle contains an estimated 56 uses, so a little truly will travel a long way.

how to use: puff, brush, and go!

This product is simple to use, which maximizes it's time saving ability- simply puff, brush, and go! To use, gently shake and turn your twist cap to expose the nozzle. Hold bottle upright, gently squeeze or "puff" powder onto your roots, massage this Dry Shampoo powder into your scalp, and simple restyle as desired. You may also dispense through hair by "puffing" the dry shampoo onto your roots, massaging into your scalp, then brushing through your hair with a comb or brush, to prevent any product buildup. It is not necessary to brush your hair after using dry shampoo, but doing so helps remove excess powder from the hair, leaving it looking and smelling refreshed. There is not a "one size fits all" when it comes to the amount of this product to use, as it depends on how much oil is present on your scalp and the length of your hair. For best results, AVEDA recommends starting with a modest application, then adding a little at a time until you feel fresh. 

the finished style

After dry shampooing, you're good to go! You can always finish off with your favorite AVEDA finishing products, whether it is a pomade for texture, a spray for shine, or hair spray for your desired hold. Overall, AVEDA dry shampoo is unlike any other dry shampoo on the market. It quickly transforms styles from day to night- even overnight then back to day with a simple puff and brush motion. During the holidays, and the hectic times that come throughout the year, this is a definite go-to to keep near by to save time and refresh in a pinch.

Come to any Lemongrass location to see the difference for yourself and try it before you buy it! Your stylist or any guest care coordinator can show you where this dry shampoo is on the shelf, how to use it, and you can experience this product right here in store! 

See you soon!